GOSTS of the company "World of Forests"

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GOST 17812-72 «Reusable Wooden Boxes for Vegetables and Fruits. Specifications».

GOST 20767-75 «“Boxes Made of Wood and Wood Packaging Materials. Terms and Definitions»..

GOST 11142-78 «Wooden Boxes for Personal Protective Equipment. Specifications».

GOST 16148-79 «Wooden Boxes for Rolling Bearings. Specifications».

GOST 10350-81 «Wooden Boxes for General Use Products. Specifications».

GOST 24634-81 «Wooden Boxes for Export Products. General Specifications».

GOST 14225-83 «Wooden Cases. General Specifications».

GOST 18617-83 «Wooden Boxes for Fabricated Metal Products. Specifications».

GOST 13356-84 «“Wooden Boxes for Fish Products. Specifications».

GOST 13358-84 «Wooden Boxes for Canned Products. Specifications

GOST 15623-84 «Wooden Boxes for Tools and Machine Tool Accessories. Specifications».

GOST 2991-85  - «Non-Collapsible Wooden Boxes for Weights up to 500 kg».

GOST 16511-86 «Wooden Boxes for Electrical Engineering Products. Specifications.

GOST 18573-86 «Wooden Boxes for Chemical Products. Specifications».

GOST 26838-86 «Wooden Boxes and Crates. Mechanical Durability Standards»..

GOST 9396-88  - «Reusable Wooden Boxes. General Specifications». 

GOST 15841-88 «Wooden Boxes for Agricultural and Tractor Machines and Their Components. Specifications»..

GOST 10198-91  - «Wooden Boxes for Weights from 200 to 20000 kg». 

GOST 11354-93 «Reusable Boxes Made of Wood and Wood Packaging Materials for Food and Agricultural Products. Specifications».

GOST 27840-93 «Parcel and Package Delivery Boxes. General Specifications».